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About the Artist

Jane Henry spends most of her time living and working on a cattle property in the Dumaresq Valley, Texas, Qld – the district she grew up in as a child.

Originally trained and working as a graphic designer in Brisbane, then later venturing into small business and retail, a recent life change has enabled Jane to once again focus on her creative skills. She has an artist who enjoys sketching, watercolour, printmaking, bookbinding and paper art - the variety of mediums blending together to become one joyous exploration of the joy around her. 

An avid collector of gifts from nature such as feathers, eggs, leaves, flowers, she is also inspired by the remnants and fragments of farm life found in the ancient implements and forgotten objects. 

“I am a forager, a collector, and a lover of things dusty & rusted. By telling the story of these objects I bring out the beauty inherent in their design and everyday use."

Jane has successfully exhibited and sold artworks through numerous art shows and small galleries and has her first solo exhibition in February 2022. 


"I've loved watching Jane come into her own as a creative. It's a joy to see the results of her attention to detail and process. With each drawing, etching, artist book and painting, Jane is growing and developing her already well formed artistic presence. 
Watch this space.

Christine Porter - Australian Artist

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